Prayers for Japan

With more than 100 alumni living in Japan as well as a number of students from the country, Trinity International University is deeply saddened and concerned by the devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the following tsunami that hit the country early this morning. The prayers of the Trinity community have been constant since we learned of the disaster.

In addition to expressing our prayers and concerns, Trinity is working to connect students and alumni who have been effected by the earthquake with others who are available to help. Trinity’s denominational affiliation, the Evangelical Free Church, has representatives in Japan who are providing relief and assistance. The church is accepting offers of assistance in their efforts. We are also working to make contact with the Japan Free Church.

Last summer, a number of Trinity staff and faculty, including Harold Netland, a former missionary to Japan who lived north of the epicenter, met with alumni in the country. We will be making contacts to ensure that the needs of alumni, students, and their networks of friends and family are adequately met.

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