New Grant Provides MDiv Scholarships

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School was chosen to be among an elite group of U.S. seminaries that have been granted $1.5 million in scholarship funding from the Kern Family Foundation. Trinity is excited to be able to offer 36 students a full, 3-year scholarship in the Master of Divinity program over five years. Beginning this fall, the scholarship will enable young men and women who are called to the pastorate in a teaching or preaching role to be able to receive one of the most sought after seminary educations.

Given only to a small group of seminaries, Trinity is proud to be the recipient of this Kern Family Foundation Grant. Trinity has an eight-year history with the foundation, in which it has supported Trinity Evangelical Divinity School students preparing for the pastorate. The Kern Family Foundation reaffirmed the value of a Trinity education by choosing to include the school, once again, among its selective grant recipients.

In a press release, the Foundation said, “Through the Kern Scholars Initiative, the Kern Family Foundation provides selected seminaries with grants for scholarships awarded to evangelical men and women committed to lifelong service in pastoral ministry who eventually become senior preaching and teaching pastors with pulpit responsibilities. The initiative will support hundreds of highly-qualified students seeking the Master of Divinity degree, strengthen the education and practical experience they receive in seminary, and cultivate a growing nationwide network of pastors.”

Trinity’s admissions office has more information on the scholarship as well as the application materials.