New Interim Dean at Trinity Law School

Myron Steeves is Trinity Law School’s (Facebook) new interim dean. After living as a missionary in the Middle East and working as a property and business attorney in southern California, Myron began teaching for what is now Trinity Law School.

Since his first class in 1992, he has grown to love teaching and the mission of the law school. Myron says, “We seek to help students understand how their faith is reflected in their understanding of justice. And we desire to turn out students who actively make the healing of a broken world a part of their legal profession.”

As dean, Myron seeks to make Trinity the best possible law school it can be. “We want to turn out attorneys who want to make a difference in the world, meet needs of people who are suffering from a lack of justice, and defend religious liberties.”

One of the hallmarks of the school is its attempt to explore the implications of faith in its approach to law. Only a handful of other law schools in the country attempt to engage faith in the worlds of law and justice. This distinction is attractive not only to Christians but also to a sizable number of students from other backgrounds as well. About one-third of the students are from various diverse religions, and the Christian worldview often resonates with them more than the secular world view does.”

The most satisfying aspect of teaching at Trinity Law School, Myron says, “has been to have a real impact on students, their worldview, and the direction they’ve gone in their lives.” He says students like Mark Schneider, an attorney formerly with Hewlett-Packard and now with Skyworks Solutions, are having a big impact on the legal culture of major corporations. Other students, like Michael Peffer, are litigators for social justice. “They’re defending the religious liberty of churches and individuals in schools and other settings,” Myron says.

It’s part of Trinity Law School’s desire to “serve Christ by championing a biblical view of human law and government.”

Dr. Robert Herron Installed as TC, TGS Dean

Dr. Robert Herron

Trinity International University installed Dr. Robert Herron as dean yesterday. Herron has been around the world in the service of God through Christian Higher education and scholarly research. And he’s been instrumental in the growth of two Christians colleges. Now, Herron will be putting those skills to work as he develops programs and expands the reach of Trinity International University.

Herron arrived on campus earlier this summer. He celebrated his installation yesterday with his family, the campus community, and a bowl of his native Louisianan jambalaya.

Dr. Herron’s official title is senior vice president for academic affairs and dean of Trinity College and Trinity Graduate School. He comes to Trinity with a passion for and more than 30 years experience in Christian higher education. Most recently, he was provost of Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania. He also served as vice president for academic affairs at Southeastern University in

University President Dr. Craig Williford welcoming Dr. Robert Herron.

Florida, where he chaired the committee that oversaw the transition from college to university status, and presided over the expansion of the academic sector as it grew from 990 students to over 3,000 students in just 8 years. The campus is excited to see Dr. Herron put his skills to work here at Trinity.

Dr. Herron has earned an M.A. in Humanities from Western Kentucky University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Rice University. He was a research fellow at the Institute for the Study of Christian Origins at the University of Tübingen in Germany. His main area of scholarly research is the Gospel of Mark, and he has studied with Markan scholars William Lane, Werner

Dr. Joyce Shelton prays for Dr. Robert Herron.

Kelber, and Martin Hengel, and Swiss theologian Hans Küng. Herron is also a graduate of the Management Development Program at Harvard University.

After studying in Germany, Dr. Herron returned to his alma mater, Lee University in Tennessee. There, he rose from the rank of assistant professor to associate academic dean and eventually vice president and executive assistant to the president. During that period, the university grew from 1,200 students to over 4,000 students.

Dr. Herron has studied, taught, and led student and faculty programs on five continents. His passion for and experience with study abroad led to a two-term appointment on the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities’ Student Academic Programs Commission.

Dr. Herron is a native of Louisiana and an ordained minister. His wife of 32 years, Diane, is a National Board Certified science teacher and environmental specialist. Their son, Robert W. Herron, III, is married and works as an attorney in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and their daughter, Tifanny Danielle Herron, directs an early youth intervention program in Florida.