Fairness in our moral critiques

Recently a friend sent me a statement by a group of Christians in higher education which took a stand against prejudice and mistreatment toward women, racial minorities, and immigrants. I felt there was an implied request for me to endorse this statement. The statement grounded the concerns of this group on the understanding that all human beings are created in the image of God. I agree wholeheartedly that the concept of the imago Dei is an essential foundation of Christian ethics, and it is clearly wrong for any group including women, racial minorities, and immigrants to be mistreated and not given the respect due to anyone who is made in the image of God. However, I was concerned that this statement about the ills of American society was silent about other ways in which groups of human beings made in the image of God are mistreated. They made no mention of the millions of unborn fetuses who have been killed by abortion. They made no mention of the millions of children who are disadvantaged by being raised without the benefit of having to parents because of the irresponsible sexual behavior of their parents.

The concept that every human being has dignity because each person has been created in the image of God needs to impact everything that we do. Unfortunately those on one end of our politically polarized society find it easy to ignore the dignity of women, racial minorities, and immigrants. We do need to speak out against that. However, those on the other end of that spectrum commonly fail to respect the human dignity of unborn fetuses in their emphasis on personal liberty related to abortion. They also fail to respect the human dignity of children who are the victims of the sexual revolution and the breakdown of marriage and family that it has encouraged.

We need to be careful that we are not blind to our own prejudices and need to stand up for human dignity based on all of us being made in the image of God no matter who in the political spectrum is made uncomfortable by the stand that we take.

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David Madder
David Madder
3 years ago

God calls us to the hard truth: those wide to the right or wide to the left, miss the narrow gate, not necessarily of salvation, but of “true truth”(Schaeffer). “Peace when possible; truth at all cost.”(Luther)
Matthew 7:13-14 (ESV)
“Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”