Dear Colorado: No on 106

The next battle in the war on physician-assisted suicide is up in Colorado on Election Day, next Tuesday.  Voters there will vote on Proposition 106, the Colorado “End of Life Options Act,” which would provide access to medical aid in dying medication.  The link takes one to the text of the proposed law, including revisions; apparently it was previously referred to as “Initiative 145.”  It appears to be modeled after current laws in Oregon and California.

I hope and pray that Coloradans will vote “No” on this.  As outlined previously on this blog, I believe there are 5 main arguments against doctor/nurse/medical professional-assisted suicide:

·       It destroys the soul of medicine by making the one covenantally pledged to healing into a killer who takes deliberate action to cause death;

·       It diverts energy from emphasizing and improving excellent, compassionate palliative care that cherishes the dignity of a suffering individual without killing;

·       If construed as a “right to choose to die,” it creates a corresponding duty to help kill, and recent developments have shown frank hostility to the notion that a medical professional should be permitted to avoid that “duty” on grounds of conscience;

·       The “slippery slope” argument—that it will not be limited to the terminally ill, nor to those who freely request death, and may in fact be pushed on dying people for financial reasons;

·       The notion of a “right to die” is ultimately incoherent.

If you are reading this and are voting in Colorado, please vote “no,” and encourage others to do likewise.  If you are not a Colorado voter but know one, please contact that voter to urge a “no” vote.

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