Tissue Donation and Barbarism

Much has been written about “the Planned Parenthood videos” taken by the activist group Center for Medical Progress (CMP), far beyond my poor power to add or detract.  But I can’t help but think that, as with organ donation at the end of life, once practitioners start looking beyond the death of a human being, their mindset is on a procedure, not on humanity.   The concern is being expectantly ready to procure and process “tissue” once the individual is dead, and there is necessarily pressure to hasten or control that moment.

I also can’t help think that many people who might have considered themselves at least somewhat “pro-choice” are a bit startled to see what these videos expose.  Or maybe they don’t follow the news outlets that have covered the story, and so are unaware.  But this is a sort of package deal: once one buys into abortion on demand, one buys into this sort of barbarism.

And barbarism is what we have been shown.  One of the clearest and best pieces on the recent developments was George Will’s column for the Washington Post.  I recommend it.

And so, what to do about it?  There is a steady, unrelenting drumbeat of exposure of the truth.  I can only suppose it will take rather more time, but I expect it will advance.  One way to get people to stop doing something is to make it repulsive.  Look at smoking.  I think the CMP people get this.

And certainly, end the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.  The politics of representative government, and the force of PP’s supporters being what they are, a stand-alone measure stalled in the Senate.  And so we move on to the increasingly well-worn alternative:  to “shut down the government,” that is, for the Congress to refuse to appropriate funds until this one item is removed, with subsequent sniping about whether the president or the Congress is to blame.  I generally am not a fan of this tactic.  It strikes me as overreaching, ultimately counterproductive, more a means of complaining than reforming, more vainglorious than effective.

But perhaps this time is different, and the issue is not vainglory but principle.  And perhaps principle requires that defenders of unborn life take the stand and be willing to risk and suffer short-term political backlash.  Perhaps decency demands it.


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Carol Eblen
Carol Eblen
5 years ago

Many “nominal” Christians are pro-choice and really don’t pay attention to the over 1,000,000 abortions performed in the USA every year because SCOTUS determined that the fetus is not a person until the brain is developed to a certain state. Women are told that they have a legal right to dispose of these inconvenient non-persons who are living in their bodies. If birth control is inconvenient or not used for any reason, there is always abortion! It is not eggs and sperm that are valued as the creation of sacred new life that is important! –It is the orgasms that are the valued product. .

It is terrible when you listen to the recording but I don’t think that “this time it will be different.” I think the Church has lost the attention of the people and they will be brought to understand by the business people that this research using harvested baby organs is serving the greatest public good

Too bad! So sad!