Paying for oocyte donation—California’s governor vetoes AB 926

On July 18, I wrote at length on this blog about AB 926, which had passed both houses of California’s legislature.  I was pleased to learn that California’s Governor Jerry Brown vetoed it on August 13.  Governor Brown, a progressive Democrat, can hardly be considered a pro-life conservative.

He based his reasoning on the issues of informed consent that I (and others) have described.  In my opinion, the key graph of his veto message is:

“In medical procedures of this kind, genuinely informed consent is difficult because the long-term risks are not adequately known.  Putting thousands of dollars on the table only compounds the problem.”

This of course keeps the reasoning fully focused on autonomy, and does not address the other major moral issues at stake.  But the governor’s decision is still the correct one, and wise.  At a minimum, it slows the freight train a bit.

You can read the entire concise veto message here.

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