Reflections from the Front: Suffering and Quality Control in the Church



The Christian doctor lives in two worlds, and unlike the secular physician, often speaks with well-meaning people who offer inane consolation because they are unwilling to live with the paradox of a Loving God, and terrible human circumstances. It takes humility to tell your patients you don’t know the answer, and likewise, in the fellowship it requires trust and humility to acknowledge our lack of comprehension, but continued faith.

Quality Conrol in the Church

When you circle the wagons, the guns should point out—

But if you don’t police your own, who will?


When minds dement, spouses suffer, or children die,

Life is painful, and answers evade us.

If God is Sovereign—why do we hurt so badly?


“He always was a little arrogant about his intellect,”

“God may be purging hidden sin from her life,”

“He needed another cherub for his heavenly choir”


Poor answers are far worse than none at all.

The best words are often

“I’m sorry for your pain. I can’t even imagine how much this hurts.”


“We see through a glass darkly…”

And until we all see clearly,


We should avoid offering any manner of false comfort,

Confront and correct “Job’s Comforters” in our fellowships,

And remember it’s fine to say “I don’t know why, either.”


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