Thoughts on America’s Medical System (series)

There are few things I would like to see more than the restructuring of America’s medical care systems and educational systems. And by restructuring I mean given back to the state and the people (more on this later). While the field of bioethics extends into many disciplines, I will limit my reach for the sake of this blog to our medical systems.

The medical systems to which I am referring are, broadly speaking, how we legislate, offer, provide and facilitate medical care. While the medical care patients receive from a physician may be good, the terrible system over, behind and surrounding that physician leave much to be desired.

Simply put, the US medical system is fallen.

Now I will admit that I operate from one marked presupposition: a lot of our problems have been caused by a small group of people trying to solve them. What I would like to see is a medical system that protects those who are in need, while preserving the constitution it operates under and through.

There are two problems today that were President Johnson’s solution to a problem yesterday: Medicare and Medicaid.  These are systems that had a good in mind­– to offer people in need a service they were not being given. However, they are no longer able to do what they set out to do, and instead have become an encumbrance to medical practice. With spending forecasted by the CMS to be $1 trillion in 2011 these systems are full of fraud, abuses overspending, and poor reimbursement rates to boot (more on this next week).


Next week I will be looking to my home state for some examples…

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