Are You Sure You Want to “Stand with Planned Parenthood”?


Lately, my wife and I have been casually strolling around our beautiful town, Concord, NH, taking in the remarkable New England fall experience. During these strolls we are not only struck by the beauty of the leaves but by the stark contrast of the bright red signs planted in our fellow citizens’ lawns, proclaiming: “I stand with Planned Parenthood.”

This is strangely ironic given that my wife (who is now 14 months pregnant) and I often spend this time discussing life, parenthood, and our child—we are planning for parenthood.

Well, if you know anything of NH’s latest funding battles that is not at all what these signs are talking about.

Recently, NH’s Executive Council voted against Federal funding to go to Planned Parenthood because of the divisiveness of abortion and the earnings of PP officials. But “the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced it will provide the contract for family planning with PP directly from the federal government to the abortion business rather than routing the money through the state and letting NH officials determine who should receive the Title X grants” (Life News).

This has caused a bit of a stir around town… Especially since this is happening while Congress (Energy and Commerce Committee) has responded with action to AUL’s early July report, “The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood”, which endeavors to expose PP’s questionable behavior (spending of Federal monies).

In response, PP has launched a series of counter statements against AUL in an effort to diffuse the accusations, question AUL’s motives, and negate the severity of the claims. To these and other counterclaims Dr. Yoest (Pres. of AUL) stated:

“Ensuring compliance with the law is not a partisan issue, and the Committee’s decision to investigate an organization that has been rocked by systematic fraud and abuse shows that Congress takes its responsibility to be good stewards of taxpayers dollars seriously.”

In the great “live free or die” state, as well as states across the US, it seems that “Standing with Planned Parenthood” may not be the best idea even if only half of the accusations in the report are true. But then again only time will tell the extent of their indiscretions…

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