Bioethics Alumni Update

Ever wonder what alumni from the Trinity bioethics degree program do after Trinity?  Alumni are active in engaging bioethical issues in many different professional fields and in various contexts. Periodically, the Bioethics blog features updates about bioethics alumni and how they are applying their training.

Today’s featured alumni:

Radovan Jakovljevic (MA ’10) serves as parish priest in the Serbian Orthodox Church in Chicago. He is currently working on establishing a bioethics curriculum for his parish to be used as a teaching tool to spread awareness about the important ethical issues in medicine and health care.

Christian Vercler (MA ’07) is currently the chief resident in plastic surgery in the Harvard Plastic Surgery program. He served on hospital ethics committees from 2003 – 2009, and presently mentors several Harvard medical students. He is also active in writing articles for ethics publications. His more recent publications include:

Vercler C., “Neuroethics: mind over matter?” Emory Ethics News and Views. Vol.15, no. 2, Spring  2007.

Vercler C., “Pregnant with thyrotoxicosis—ethical options.”  Today’s Christian Doctor. Vol.39, no. 2, Summer 2008.

Vercler C. “Communicating Errors” in Angelos, Peter (ed.) Ethical Issues in Cancer Patient Care, 2nd ed. Springer Verlag: New York, 2008.

Tapper E, Vercler C, Cruze D, Sexson W. “Ethics consultation at a large urban public teaching hospital.”  Mayo Clinical Proceedings. May 2010; 85(5): 433-8.

Vercler CJ., “Review of Jones JW, McCullough LB, Richman BW. The ethics of surgical practice: cases, dilemmas, and resolutions.”  New York: Oxford University Press, 2008. Ethics & Medicine. 26: 2. 2010.

Vercler CJ. Journal Discusison. “Ethical Issues in Face Transplantation.”  Virtual Mentor: American Medical Association Journal of Ethics. 2010; 12(5):378-382.

Ball CG, Navsaria P, Kirkpatrick AW, Vercler C, et al. “The impact of country and culture on end-of-life care for injured patients: results from an international survey.” Journal of Trauma, 2010; 69(6): 1323-1334.

Are you a Trinity bioethics alumni? Let us know how you are using your bioethics degree by emailing the Alumni Office at [email protected].


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