On the Matter of Public-Funding for Abortion


This past week, I took the opportunity to respond to an editorial column in a local newspaper. In that column, Julian Sereno complained of efforts of legislators present and past to prevent public monies from subsidizing elective abortion. Sereno’s column may be read in its entirety at the following URL:



For those of you looking to hone your critical thinking skills on the anvil of bioethics, I would encourage you to read Sereno’s column, analyze his arguments, and then formulate a response that adheres to a 250-word maximum limit.  Post your response here for the benefit of others and/or for critical interaction.

Once you have completed that task, if you are begging for more work, feel free to critically review my response, which may be accessed at the following URL:



I hope you will take this small exercise as an encouragement to engage others in your community on matters bioethic.

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Michael Martin
Michael Martin

Sereno opens his article by stating that North Carolina Republicans are trying to use their political power to interfere with a woman’s choice to have an abortion. This is a fallacy of division in stating that all Republicans or only Republicans support the provisions of a bill that will defund Planned Parenthood and will require women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound and receive counseling to discuss all options related to pregnancy and termination of pregnancies. In the next paragraph, Sereno shows us an example of a faulty comparison when he tries to equate the word “belief” to religion… Read more »