Was I Wrong?

In an earlier blog (May 24), I wrote about the failure of liberal politics and the myth of neutrality.  I observed that “The negative consequence of neutrality is an inevitable deadlock; medical ethical decisions have to be made but our laws and policies lack any defining understanding of what is good.  Yet in order for a society to function, it must devise some means to achieve a common ground.”  I concluded that “I honestly see no workable solutions to this predicament.”  In other words, I implied that we are at an impasse concerning legislation and there seems to be no solution in sight.

Perhaps I was wrong!

The June 2011 issue of Christianity Today reports of “The New Pro-Life Surge.”  According to the article, “Political gains by U.S. conservatives unleash waves of anti-abortion legislation” (Christianity Today, June 2011, p. 17).  By April of this year, “142 abortion-related provisions had passed at least one chamber of a state legislature, compared with 67 in 2009.”  A slight majority of the measures aim to constrain a woman’s access to abortion services.  Indeed, abortion rates are down by 22% since 1990.  Moreover, for the first time the majority (again, a slight majority) of Americans consider themselves pro-life.

So the question is – how are we to interpret the latest news?  Are we winning some skirmishes of the culture wars after all?  Do we push forward with greater zeal, or remain content with our slight gains, knowing that pro-choice rights will never be reversed?


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