A Memorial Day Post

Today is the day our nation has set aside to commemorate its fallen warriors. It seems right and fitting that we diverge for a moment from a direct discussion of matters bioethic.

As the saying goes, “Freedom Isn’t Free,” and so, as we enjoy the blessings of liberty, we ought to acknowledge our indebtedness to those who have secured and defended it at great cost. Indeed, we do well to honor on this day those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in that effort and whose number well exceeds 1 million. Our commemoration, then, ought to be marked by a deep sense of gratitude.

We do well, also, to remember those who bear a disproportionate share of the burden of military deaths.  Long after the joy of a soldier’s safe return home subsides, the grief borne by families less fortunate remains. So as we honor the sacrifice of those lost in battle, we also bring attention to the loss experienced by those whose lot it has been to carry on without that son or daughter, that mother or father, that wife or husband, that sister or brother. Our commemoration, then, ought to be marked by a genuine sympathy for those grieving their lost warrior.

Finally, we do well as we reflect upon the sacrifices of past generations to consider the opportunity we have to work for the good of future generations. Some may be called to bear the sword as dutiful agents of the state as our fallen warriors have done, but most of us will not. Even so, as citizens we may all labor mightily to secure for our posterity a nation that embodies in its laws the great value God has placed on human life and liberty. Our commemoration, then, ought to be marked by a commitment to sacrificial service.


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